Startup Common: Why Tel Aviv is the place to be

As s I was reading this article, I felt the urge to explain what makes Israel such a futile place for start ups, here goes..

Luck is a funny thing you know…

When I was young I had a chat with my friends about the downsides of growing up in a small place like Israel.

You see, Israel is a really small country, and I always felt like this may keep me from fulfilling my dreams. How can I possibly learn how to conquer the world from this tiny place?

But, as the years went by, and the world flattened with the help of the internet, I realized that this amazing country, that I was lucky enough to be born in, is actually the perfect place to find my entrepreneurial spirit.

At the age of 20, as I was serving in the Israeli army, I had a chance to be a platoon commander of over 80 people in any given time, overall I had more than 1,440 soldiers under my command in a period of four years.
This is crazy. I was 20 years old.

However, when it was my chance in the business world, I had this bug in my head the whole time. Unlike my parallels from other countries, for me nothing is impossible, nothing can brake me.
Most of you probably don’t know it but when you have no other choice, you manage to make the most out of any situation.

This is Israel’s advantage in the start up Eco system.
We have no choice. Finally our biggest assets, intelligence and durability, are paying off.

My advice to you is: always bet on the Israelis.

I agree that we have limited resources here, but trust me, we know how to make them last.

What are your thoughts? What is the secret ingredient that make a place better for innovation?


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