Taking the small leap – Balls are required

This post won’t be long, Actually this is kind of the point…

When talking to potential entrepreneurs I see a disturbing phenomena, most of us are “waiting” for the BIG idea to come along, well i think that this way we miss all the good small ones.

Lately I had an epiphany – not only BIG ideas are made for success, instead of continuing to research and think of the next big thing, think small.. or more accurately – think achievements.

If you have a smaller idea, a feature in some cases, do it.
Don’t let it go to waste because it is not what you want in life, make it happen, and while you continue with your regular course of business who knows what doors will open along the way.

I plan on starting this approach right now.

Wish me luck, and hopefully i’ll have some experiences to share here 🙂


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