Apple, Google, and the value of iOS | iMore

Although some numbers in the article linked above are somewhat inaccurate, the idea behind it remains the same.
Google has managed to position themselves in every profitable junction on the internet.

They are literally generate revenues from almost every word that is published online, and when realizing it I admit it is simply amazing.

This got me thinking on the business point of view and the way to this stategic position..

On the early stage of a business enviroment we all know today as “Internet”, some companies were smart enough to recognize the way to the user’s heart..
I remeber myself as a kid being told that with “Internet” on my computer I will be able to go to different sites and all I need to know is these site’s adresses.
I can tell you one thing – These were not the kind of addresses I knew back then, no street number or city.. wtf?

I needed a guide, a teacher that will show me the true potential of this “Internet” thing.. So came along the Search Engines.
These companies (You can see a Timeline here) put everything in order, Indexed this mess and gave it context and ease of use that made it what it is today. Just Imagine a world without search, impossible.

So as the world evolved, and search engines were doing just fine, came along Google…
They knew one important thing – In this stage of the market it is crucial to understand what the market need, once you get that, all you have to do is give a damn more than anyone ever did and you will give the market something he want.

In our case it was Time (maybe also Relevance but this is negotiable).

Google didn’t invent the wheel – they simply made it roll faster.
And with this business model they continued to the world dominance they have today – The improved Me too strategy – Me Too, But way better.

Web based Email – they recognized that the users want more space and supplied it with the Google way… Gmail was born.
Maps – Not everyone can read maps, let make it a strawl in the park…. Street view – what a nice name.
Documents on the go – What? you have to send your documents to work from different locations? no way… Google docs anyone?
And the list goes on and on…

We can all learn a lot from this strategy.
If you see something that you can do better – do it.
The users will find you and will stay with you until someone outsmarts you..

Good luck!

Apple, Google, and the value of iOS | iMore.


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