The Rise of Micro-Entrepreneurs

Thanks to my colleague Nir something hit me today.
As entrepreneurs our life are so freakishly easy than what it used to be.

There once was a time when one wanted to start his own company he had to start from scratch.
In order to succeed you had to have a PRODUCT, a feature is not enough, no matter how innovative it is.

For example, if you wanted to make a phone that is also a camera (shocking idea I know) you had to build a phone, and add a camera to it.
Under this scenario you end up with a product – Camera-Phone, and your success is depended on the success of this single product.

Today, in the platform friendly world, we have it easy.
Today we seek for existing platforms to base our products on, we are mostly in the business of making it better .

Everything is connected and it is common to base your product on other company’s products, Not making any sense yet?

Lets say my product is a phone that can take a photo and process it using several filters and then share it with my friends.
All I have to do is make it easy to use the filters because:
1. The phone with a camera exists – so I’m basing my product on it.
2. The Photo sharing platform exist – so I’m basing my product on that as well.
That’s it!! you’re done.

Don’t get me wrong, i think this is the highway to progress. we don’t need someone to reinvent the smart phone, just to add it more and more features thus improving it and suiting it to our current and future needs.

I said Someone, not Us… because maybe this field is a bit saturated?
Maybe the real innovation is not by improving an existing platform? it may be hidden in a new and undiscovered field?

Henry Ford once said: “If I had asked people what they want I would be inventing faster Horses”.

Lets try to break out of the norm, lets be really innovative..

Lets create!!


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