Stop Looking For A Technical Co-founder | TechCrunch


Stop Looking For A Technical Co-founder | TechCrunch.

“If you pay Peanuts…..” A well known sentence I admit.

But, what happens when you are ready to pay, ready to share and ready to let someone in on your own idea and you can’t find that someone?

In the attached article the author is letting all of us non-tech innovators that the tech guys don’t really need us, as a matter of fact, in most cases, they don’t even want us near their abilities. but the truth is: THEY NEED US AS MUCH A WE NEED THEM

There are only a handful of companies that started from the technical side of things, the truth is that the synergy between the technical aspects of a project and the business side aspects is what makes the difference between success and failure.
Lets put it out there – People like me know business we need tech people for what they are good at.. The technical side!

So one way to go is for us to learn basic tech skills, enough to create prototypes of our ideas and hire the experts at more advanced  stage.
But the other way is for all of us to get a grip and recognize our strengths and weaknesses.

Let the tech be tech and the Biz be Biz..

Because together – we can be amazing.


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